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I have a B.Sc. in Pure and Applied Chemistry. It wasn’t always my dream and it had never been an option but for five years, obtaining that degree was my sole focus and waking desire. I had put my hands to the plough of Chemistry, I needed to have a bountiful harvest.

Eight years from when I had entered the race for a B.Sc. in Chemistry, I obtained my certificate and on I trudged for NYSC. This time, I had some work experience and I knew I loved to teach so while serving my fatherland, I studied for and obtained a Professional Diploma in Education, the equivalent of a Post Graduate Diploma. Compared to my Chemistry degree, this was a huge feat. I had done what I loved and got great scores while studying it.

Getting a job wasn’t really difficult because not only did I know what I want, I also had the communication skills required to navigate the labour market. However, it did take more time than I had envisaged. The opportunities I wanted were few and hard to find. I had the skills, I had the experience, I needed to embrace patience. And I did. Making money and gaining freelance experience while I waited.

Teaching children was a dream come true and the school where I worked gave me more challenges, experiences and opportunities than I had dreamed. I was like an onion and with every layer that was unravelled, I came into deeper levels of awareness, prowess and restlessness.

Constantly learning, growing and reaching for more, my dream of being a trained psychologist beckoned. To me, the University of Lagos called. I’m glad I didn’t have the time to plan, I likely would have backpedalled. I lunged headlong into the pursuit of a Masters in Managerial Psychology, leaving behind job, certainty and family. Come what may, nothing would stop me.

It’s been a long journey. One of learning, growing, working, serving my clients and making dreams come true. Lagos State gave me more than I had dreamed it would and several certifications in the three levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming currently available in Nigeria are some of those gifts. You see, I never stop learning.

Today, these experiences have made me a better writer, editor, trainer, consultant, coach and team leader. Every day of my life, from the time I open my eyes to when I slump in exhaustion, hitting my sack in gratitude, I do one or more of these:

I help purpose-driven and influential thought leaders, captains of industries, business owners and career professionals translate their thoughts and experiences into lasting legacies (ghostwriting, editing and publishing);

I help businesses attract the right clients, serve them effectively and make huge profit while fulfilling their calling (copywriting, staff training and team building);

I help confused individuals overcome identity crisis, communicate their brands’ purpose and attract bespoke opportunities, giving them fulfilment (coaching);

I convert the latent gifts/abilities of aspiring and practising editors and writers into excellent skills, earning power and steady income (training, mentoring and employment) and;

I break English grammar into chunks and help individuals from all occupations communicate better in English language (training and consulting).

Amidst these, I speak in corporate events and I have shared the stage with great speakers like Steve Harris, Prof. Hope Eghagha, Ofili Okechukwu and John Obidi.

Some of my works have been published on BusinessDay Online, The Nation, The Guardian, BellaNaija, Effectual Magazine and several renown blogs and newspapers across Nigeria.

And I have published books for influential thought leaders, captains of industries and organizational leaders.

Now, you know my story, what’s yours? Welcome to my world.

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