A 31-Day guide for the individual who has been ridiculed, betrayed, oppressed, doubted, fought against, abused and called stupid. It is for those who have been through it all yet have chosen to rise above all.

It is a compendium of stories and analogies (fiction and non-fiction) which detail different areas in which we struggle as humans- relationships, business, finance, sex, self-worth, etc.  Written in an interesting and conversational tone, it exposes the reader to themselves, leaving no room for self-doubt or regrets.


They Called Me Stupid contains:

  • 31 wise and relevant Quotes at the beginning of each chapter
  • Meditations and Tasks for the Wise to stimulate deeper learning and application of lessons
  • Affirmations that can be adapted to suit each individual
  • Illustrations to make reading fun and attractive
  • A 32-Track Audio version with an extra track for Affirmations only
  • An unforgettable experience for every reader/listener.

What They Said…



Chief Consultant and Trainer, Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy (SOBCA)

“They Called Me Stupid, a book of stories with some comical narratives is a wisdom book indeed. The meditation and opinion sections really got my attention. Well done, Ini.”

Wuraola Sunmonu- Young

Writer, Master Story-Teller and On- Air Personality.

“Ini has taken her own practical life lessons and distilled them into nuggets that anyone can adapt. Sprinkling each story with intense affirmations to drive home the lessons not just to our minds but our hearts.

I enjoyed reading “They Called Me Stupid” and as I write, I smile as I recall my favorite portions of the book which I will not share here because I am so sure you will come away with many yourself and have cause to go back to the book over and again to draw strength from it.

Don’t be fooled by the title, Ini’s journey is one that smirks in the face of naysayers; she has shown incredible wisdom in learning, living and leaving a legacy!”



Chief Listener at Africa Entrepreneurship Academy

“If you want to live life to its fullest, you need this book!”


“Ini Akpan’s thoughts, reflections, observations, and life experiences in They Called Me Stupid, is a reflection of our (the readers’) situations in life.

It is my belief that there are pockets of lessons (wisdom bites) which we can glean from this book that cuts across personal life lessons, business lessons, spiritual lessons and other areas peculiar to humanity.

Indeed, They Called Me Stupid goes ahead to provide us with answers (wisdom nuggets) to issues in our everyday lives. It also provides reflection points with affirmations strong enough to work their ways into the fibre of our systems which consequently will change our outlook on life and life’s eventualities.”

Sam Semako Jinadu

Team Lead, Career Wise Consults and Convener, People And Career (PAC)

Rasak Adekoya

Leadership, Management and Content Development Consultant. 360 Connect.

 “If you call me a book junkie in 2016, I will completely agree. This year alone, I’ve read books ranging from personal development, marketing, communication, leadership, to mention a few. In spite of having read
one book per week, this book is my number one for a particular reason.

 Regardless of your profession, career, challenge or status, every word in every page of this book will convey a lesson that’s capable of
changing the dynamics of your life.
 While many books tell you what it require to attain success, Ini takes you through the HOW (process) of attaining this success. The simplicity of this process makes it easy for you to realise your

I’m an author and I’d written about affirmations in one of my books. But
the thirty-one days detailed methodology Ini adopts for you to apply
affirmations to your life is powerful and supersedes what I know.

If you read and apply the lessons in this book, I know your life will
change for it. I don’t believe so. I know so.

I recommend this book to you as a guide to attainment, alignment and


I congratulate you in advance for reading. I congratulate Ini for this
success guide.
Enrich your world.”

“They Called Me Stupid”

(The full eBook,with a 32-Track Audio version) was released on the 15th of December, 2016 at #1,500



About The Author


I am passionate about organisational growth and helping businesses thrive. More specifically, I believe that YOU and YOUR ORGANISATION have a unique message and voice which must be amplified to create mighty ripples across the globe. Therefore, I help you and your organisation communicate with greater clarity and effectiveness so that you can attract greater opportunities.

I do these by providing ghostwriting services, editing services and corporate trainings in effective communication skills, team-building and workplace management.



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